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I'm Chloe and I am currently based in South West Wiltshire. I am a super fun & friendly photographer that captures those beautiful special moments. I love weddings, couple & family photoshoots, basically I'm a people person so love getting in on the action!

I have a young family & a very supportive Fiancé. I honestly LOVE my job and I couldn't do it without them - my biggest fans! 

CWindle Photos About Me
CWindle Photos About Me

5 Facts About Me?


  • I LOVE all things country. I grew up in the countryside, this is my happy place! Put me in the City & I have no clue...

  • I have two young children. Most people think they're twins. Only 12.5 months apart - yep, I'm CRAZY!

  • I'm obsessed with The Vampire Diaries!.. I'VE WATCHED THE WHOLE LOT AROUND 6 TIMES... Sad, I know! This is my go to programme in the background whilst I'm editing #teamdamon (+Eastenders, shh!)

  • I've always loved Scotland and now I've got a Scottish Fiancé... Whoop Whoop!

  • I love creating new friendships - hence why I'm in the job I'm in. Getting creative but also making life long friends in clients!

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